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Ikon.iQ Nails Polytek Classic Pink and W


  • H&S review

  • Client consultation in relation to Polytek

  • Product knowledge and chemistry

  • Preparation of the natural nail for Polytek enhancements

  • Tip and form: fitting and Polytek application

  • Product control

  • Finish filing techniques

  • Rebalancing and maintenance

  • Troubleshooting

For beginners there is a comprehensive three day course spread over three weeks to give you time to practice and build a portfolio of work for your assessment.


For qualified nail technicians who hold an existing certificate in acrylics or hard gels, a one day conversion course to familiarise yourself with Ikon.iQ products is sufficient and you will be issued a certificate of completion if you are able to demonstrate your expertise. If you find you need more time we can make an arrangement for you to have time to practice.

Request a training brochure or get in touch here!

Acrygel nail training at Care and Flair in Staplehurst Kent

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