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"Alison has the highest attention to detail that I have ever encountered when having my nails done. She clearly loves what she does, I am so happy I have met her and I will be back."  Daniela on Fresha

Sculpts like acrylic, cures like a gel, great for extensions! Polytek has all the strength of acrylic but is less dehydrating, feels much lighter to wear and is less prone to lifting. If you're used to acrylic but would like something kinder for your nails without sacrificing strength, this is well worth a try. 

Acrylic extensions in Staplehurst Kent.j


Overlay with gel polish 40.00

Sculpted Extensions with gel polish 48.00


Infill & Rebalance with gel polish 33.00

Overdue Infills ( older than three weeks) 38.00

Find out how the structure of enhancements can increase strength to help keep your

natural nails safe and sound here. Your questions answered about overlays here and extensions here.

Both overlays and extensions need infills, find out what that entails here.

Acrygel nail overlays and extensions at Care and Flair in Staplehurst Kent

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