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Information about IBX


What is IBX?

This revolutionary UV gel system repairs nail damage and strengthens natural nails by fusing together the keratin structure of the nail without having to resort to applying a gel polish or overlays.

The results are gradual, over several treatments, but the results are profound. Your nails will grow out in excellent health.

How does IBX work?

An application of IBX Repair is applied to nails wherever there are areas of damage such as flaking to help stop further delamination. Repeated treatments with IBX Strengthen are then used to consolidate weak nails and improve their condition. 

IBX Strengthen treatments are gently warmed after application and during this process tiny molecules of the UV gel are carried into the nail surface to bind together around the keratin structure, locking in additional strength. Once done, any unabsorbed gel is wiped off the nail surface and the nails are cured under a LED/UV lamp. The process also reduces the appearance of ridges over time.

What's involved in an IBX manicure?

Improved nail condition is only a part of the process. To really make an impact each appointment includes cuticle work, any required tidying of surrounding skin tissue and Dadi moisturising lotion.

Who is IBX for?

Everybody! The results are extremely natural so even if your occupation requires that you don't wear nail polishes you can still benefit from IBX. The only visual difference you will notice is improved condition.

Will paint on nail strengthener enhance IBX treatments?

No. The active ingredient in almost all paint on products are actually designed to harden your nails, which is undesirable. Hardened nails lose flexibility and that rigidity means that if given a knock they will be more prone to breaking! IBX will provide extra strength without sacrificing flexibility.

The best home treatment in between your IBX manicures is regular applications

of good quality cuticle oil. This will really help things along!

Can I apply nail colour over IBX?

Yes. Nail polish will not affect IBX.


Gel polish requires more consideration, removing gel polish to apply IBX will necessitate using removers that will have a detrimental effect. If you would like to wear gel polish you may find overlays a better option for you. You can find out more about overlays here.

Book yourself some IBX magic at Care and Flair!

Begin with IBX Repair and Strengthen manicure, Initial Treatment which starts you off on a double application. Then, depending on your nail condition, switch to IBX Repair and Strengthen Top-ups once a week or once every two weeks. Gradually we'll extend the time between treatments to three or four weeks for maintenance. At this point you'll have those nails you always dreamed of! Why not make a start here!

IBX nailcare treatments at Care and Flair in Staplehurst Kent

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