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All about Footlogix


Where Medi meets Pedi

Not just a pedicure.... The huge Footlogix range was developed in 2007 by an eminently qualified foot health specialist, Dr Katharin Von Gavel to address common foot health issues and get results FAST!

For both skin and nail concerns, this system encourages continued care at home using purposed 'prescriptions' which I can order for you. It can produce amazing results without using any harsh chemicals. 

How does Footlogix work?

Footlogix products employ a revolutionary Dermal Infusion Technology and contain a specific ingredient, Spiraleen, which gives highly effective and transformational results for a variety of foot related conditions. Essentially... they really, REALLY sink in and are packed with some pretty clever ingredients!

Dermal Infusion Technology

A proprietary delivery system that can carry active ingredients past the Stratum Corneum into many layers of the Epidermis, helping to restore the health of the skin from within.


A patented ingredient unique to Footlogix, bioactive Spirulina microalgae have very distinct anti-microbial properties that can produce pretty amazing cellular regenerative effects.

Other active beneficial ingredients of Footlogix include

Q10, Urea, sea botanicals, vitamin E, and a multitude of essential oils. 

Footlogix is also Paraben free, synthetics free, suitable for diabetics and cruelty free!

Take Footlogix home with you!

The Footlogix range is very extensive, each pedicure service will use different products depending on which individual solutions are needed. Once we have your 'prescription' you can place orders for home use products directly from me to help maintain improvements.

Book a Footlogix Pedicure at Care and Flair

Are you hiding your feet? Does walking on carpet feel like sticking to velcro? You can change all that! Choose from the Standard Footlogix Pedicure or the Rescue Pedicure for callused skin and cracked heels here.

If you know someone in need of a treat you can purchase a voucher for them here!

Professional Footlogix pedicure services at Care and Flair in Staplehurst Kent

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