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Ikon.iQ Prima Gel Polish.jpg


  • H&S review

  • Client consultation in relation to gel polish services

  • Product chemistry

  • Preparing the natural nail for gel polish application

  • Safe and effective application of gel polish

  • Safe and effective removal of gel polish

  • Client aftercare advice

  • Pricing and marketing strategies

The art of perfect gel polish application... Getting so close to the cuticle area and side walls but never touching, achieving a great base, perfect colour depth, stunning shine lines... Ikon.iQ base can be used as a builder, many colours are just one coat perfect and the super gloss no-wipe top coat is ultra hard wearing to help ensure your gel polish services will be flawless.


If you are new to gel polish application then after your training you will need to build a portfolio of your work for your assessment. I'll be on hand at any time to help you achieve this.

This course is available online if you are wishing to undertake a brand conversion.

Request a training brochure or get in touch here!

Gel polish nail training at Care and Flair in Staplehurst Kent

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