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Meet the Geek.

What drew me to be a nail technician?

Well, I didn't really plan to...

I always had long, perfectly painted nails and I loved them. Then I reached a 'certain age' and suddenly they became, weak, brittle and breakable! I put away my polishes and kept them short for a long time but always dearly missed 'my old nails'...

Eventually I decided there must be something I could do to improve things and I took to Google to investigate. No big deal eh?

The journey begins!

I had no idea at the time that I was opening up a whole new chapter in my life and what a fulfilling interest it would become... WOW, so many possibilities! I was totally hooked... I immediately wanted to learn everything and try everything! 

The happy result

I've been lucky enough to follow a fascinating journey through the technical, scientific and endlessly artistic world of nail enhancements and met some incredible teachers. From this I've somehow managed to notch up an impressive collection of 22 qualifications, including my Educator award for Ikon.iQ Nails and a certificate in Wilde Pedique which is normally the reserve of Foot Health Professionals only!

Passing it on

I've truly seen the good, the bad and the ugly, the world of nail enhancements can be surprisingly perilous owing to the chemistry of some products. However, I have found some gems that really shine out for their ethics, safety and performance and I am very happy and proud to offer these to you.

Only the best for me, my lovely clients and fabulous students!

My core value is the same as ever

I've picked up a wide array of techniques and have honed my artistic skills along the way. BUT I have never forgotten my starting point... that the best nails are HEALTHY nails, as robust as possible according to circumstances. It's the very thing that started me on my quest in the first place and the products I have chosen to work with very strongly reflect this.

Hope to see you soon,

Alison xx

Professional nail services at Care and Flair in Staplehurst Kent

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