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About toenail reconstructions


How do reconstructions work?

Toenail reconstructions are made from a gel that is incredibly flexible in order to cope with day to day knocks and pressure from wearing shoes. It will absorb impact and flex in order to cushion and protect your toe.

It's also super adhesive on even a small area of nail plate so it doesn't require a full nail to hold fast.

In this picture nail plate areas A, B, C, D or E would make a minimum anchor but F would be less likely to succeed.

Combinations of more area such as A+B, E+F etc increase the chances of a reconstruction lasting well. Add on a few X's and it gets even better!

How long do toenail reconstructions last?

This depends on the amount of nail plate there is to provide an anchor and how well the enhancement is taken care of. It wouldn't be advisable to take up ballet or ladies football! When successful they can last many weeks, on a no-growing nail possibly longer.

Can my nail fester under a toenail reconstruction?

Reconstruction gels contain special ingredients to make the environment underneath enhancements unfavourable to yeasts, microorganisms and fungal infections. Added to this the reconstruction fully attaches to any remaining nail, sealing it away and ensuring it remains protected from harm. The surrounding area of skin is cleansed during bathing and still available to air to keep it healthy.

How much maintenance do toenail reconstructions need?

Normally a quick check every few weeks is sufficient. Most often, ladies have a gel pedicure along with their reconstruction and as these need refreshing every few weeks too everything can be done together. The gel colour will be removed from the enhancement using an efile which will provide the opportunity to check all is well; that there is still good attachment. 

For growing nails and non-growing nails the time scale is the same. Except growing nails will need an infill each time until the nail has fully recovered, then the enhancement can be reduced to a thin veneer and left to safely grow off the nail.

Do I have to have a gel colour on top?

No, not at all!  If you would prefer a natural look the enhancement can be sealed with a gel top and then finely buffed to recreate the look of a natural nail.

Would you like to try them out?

I stock two types of reconstruction gel, Pediflex is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Wilde Pedique contains anti-fungal and colloidal micro silver so whatever your requirements I have you covered!

Toenail make-overs at Care and Flair in Staplehurst

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