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"Excellent products and product knowledge"  Sam on Fresha

This flexible UV cured gel contains antimicrobial ingredients to keep your toe happy and healthy whilst wearing a reconstruction, added to that Pediflex is hypoallergenic too! An overlay of Pediflex can be trimmed normally on a growing nail and will offer enduring protection for nails that are no longer in a growth stage.

Please be aware that all reconstruction gels are designed to adhere to partially missing nails, no gel can adhere to soft, flexible skin. If  you are unsure then send me a picture and your phone number, I'll get in touch with you for a chat and give you an honest prognosis. 

Pediflex can also be used to make a custom fitted false nail that will be more comfortable and natural looking than false toenails sold by retail outlets. I will add a firmer overlay to keep it in good shape regardless of repeated handling.

Pediflex Before with gel polish websize.
Pediflex After with Gel Polish web size.


Large toe-nail reconstruction 35.00

Small nail reconstructions each 12.00

Add a gel polish 12.50


8 Week tidy and repair for one nail 25.00

8 week tidy and repair for two or more nails 35.00

(If needed, a reconstruction that's no older than eight weeks will be removed and replaced at this appointment at no extra cost)


Removal with ten toe trim and cuticle tidy 25.00

NOTE: I am a qualified nail technician but I'm NOT a podiatrist. I can cosmetically treat healthy nails that are damaged but I'm not trained or insured to medically treat bacterial or fungal infections. However, if infection is present I can recommend a very proficient local Foot Health Professional.

Pediflex hypoallergenic toenail reconstruction at Care and Flair in Staplehurst Kent

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