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Are Electric File manicures safe?

In trained hands they are very safe! Electric Files got a bad reputation because they were/are commonly seen being used by establishments who's staff have no formal nail training and where there is no inclination to preserve the natural nail health of their customers. 

Electric Files for manicures and nail enhancements should NEVER be used to reduce healthy normal nail thickness. They are only used to remove cuticle and take off the shine from natural nails ready for product application. They should never cause discomfort and never cause injury.

In expert hands an Electric File can do a job more efficiently than a hand file. It can be used to pin-point areas needing attention without disturbing anything surrounding it and its design affords the user a very clear line of site to the whole nail as they work.

A huge range of specialised 'bits' can do everything from removing cuticle without affecting the nail surface to quickly de-bulking old nail product to prepare for an infill or reduce soak-off times. There are even special buffers that can remove dead skin from around the nail without affecting healthy living tissue.

I have seen terrible damage caused by the use of Electric Files... but never by a properly trained nail technician! 

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