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All about Dadi Manicures


What's so good about Dadi manicures!

Many manicure systems contain a lot of synthetic ingredients. Dadi isn't like that, the emphasis is firmly on ingredients that are pure and natural.... and it smells heavenly!

It's manufactured in the USA by a highly respected company called Famous Names, so I feel confident that it's very safe to use and it's also cruelty free.

Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract


Roman Chamomile oil

Lime peel

Copaiba oil

Hyaulluronic acid

Vanilla Nobilis

Amyri Balsamifera


Juniper oil

Satpf oil

Avocado oil

Pumice, Castor seed oil

Rosemary leaf oil

Jojoba seed oil

Ginger root oil

Tocepherol (vitaminE)

Here's the list of goodies: (No wonder it smells amazing!)

Safflower seed oil

Coconut oil

Orange peel oil

Amyris Balsamifera bark oil

Anthemis Nobilis flower oil

Bergamot fruit oil

Lemon peel oil

Copalfera Officinalis resin

Eucalyptus leaf oil

Clove leaf oil


Anise fruit extract

Cedarwood oil

Lavender oil


Olive fruit oil

PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate

The perfect remedy for frequent hand washing and sanitisers

Working on nails first, we'll get them looking tip-top before massaging hands with a gentle, skin softening exfoliant.

A quick rinse off and then we can really add some lasting hydration... applying Dadi lotion and wrapping your hands before popping them into heated mitts to encourage the skin to absorb as much of the beneficial ingredients as possible. Once done there's a slick of Dadi oil to the cuticles for good measure. Happy hands!

Why not treat yourself to a Dadi manicure!

You can book your appointment here. Alternatively you can gift one to someone you love here!

Take some home with you!

Dadi Luxury Lotion

59ml/2fl oz bottle    £7.50

A quickly penetrating, non greasy moisturing lotion based on the award-winning Dadi Oil that can be used on hands or body


Award winning Dadi Cuticle Oil

3.75ml/0.125 fl oz    £3.75

A blend of 95% certified organic oils fortified with natural vitamin E. The ultimate cuticle oil for condition and shine. Also pretty handy for dry, chapped lips and skin! Fast, non-greasy penetration of nails and skin to condition and moisturise. 

Professional manicure services at Care and Flair in Staplehurst Kent

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