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Apex and C Curve - the secrets to strength.


Where the two lines meet is the Apex

Lower arch.png

A lower arch runs from the sidewall line


The Apex

An apex is an increased thickness of product strategically placed to increase the strength of a nail extension at exactly the point it is going to receive the most shock impact and be most likely to break.

The longer the extension, the bigger the apex needs to be. To balance out the overall aesthetic, longer extensions tend to have an apex that starts further back towards the cuticle, sweeping up into the remaining extension length, which should then run parallel to the line of the lower arch shown here.

The apex is placed centrally over the break line and falls away towards the nail edges.

The nail surface is parallel with the lower arch

C curve.jpg

A C curve viewed from the front

Pinching a c curves.png

Pinching in a C Curve

Competition c curves.png

Competition class C Curves are usually quite extreme

The C Curve

A C Curve is another great way to make extensions really strong.


Do an experiment: get an A4 sheet of paper and slide it lengthways off the side of a table. By the time just one third of that sheet of paper is over the edge it will start to flop down.

Now fold the sheet gently into an arch shape and try again... it won't flop down at all because the arch shape has given it more strength.

This is the principle of the C Curve; an arched extension will be much stronger than a flat one.

C curves are pinched into a nail extension during the curing process. Once fully cured they stay in place.

Here's a picture of competition class C curves that are pretty extreme and quite beautiful!

Sculpted nails at Care and Flair

My preference is to sculpt nail extensions over a form because this way I can incorporate an apex and C Curve to make them as strong as possible. If you've been disappointed in the performance of your tip and overlay nail extensions in the past then why not give this a try? It might be the perfect solution for you.

You can book your appointment for Sculpted Extensions with Gel polish right here!

Sculpted nail extensions at Care and Flair in Staplehurst Kent

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