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Ikon.iQ Nails of Sweden 

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Hypoallergenic gel nail products 

Perceived and created by a husband and wife team this gel range is not only one of the very few that are truly hypoallergenic but also one of the best performing. That's quite a powerful combination!

'He' is an engineer with an encyclopedic knowledge of nail product ingredients and cosmetic safety regulations. 

'She' is an international award winning nail artist and competition judge, but was also previously a microbiologist. No wonder it's so good!

You've never heard of them?  So, who are Ikon.iQ Nails?

That makes sense. The company is stronger in Europe, only having been introduced to the UK relatively recently. They are pretty niche too, no mass production, every product is developed and made within the company with the help of an on board chemist and all conform to the highest EU cosmetic safety regulations.


They are a small company driven by passion and ethics. Not just the determination to make products that are ultra-safe to work with and to wear, but also to perform to standards high enough to win in the toughest competitions. Ikon.iQ Nails gel products are certified hypoallergenic.

What is meant by hypoallergenic for gel nail products?

Hypoallergenic products are designed to ensure you don't develop allergies in the first place. However, even if you already have, there is a chance that your

autoimmune system won't be triggered by Ikon.iQ Nails products as the elements you react to are not present. There's no guarantee,it depends on the severity of your condition, but I do have several clients who can happily wear Ikon.iQ gels, even though they had previously developed allergic reactions to other brands.

What causes nail product allergies?

The biggest culprit is something called 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate, mercifully it's

called HEMA for short which is a lot easier to say!

It's use is strictly limited in both EU (including the UK) and USA cosmetic safety regulations. However, in China there are no safety regulations at all. So, the emergence of Chinese gel products containing very high concentrations of HEMA over the last few years has created something of an allergy epidemic. Chinese gels are easily available for the DIY market via many popular large shopping websites and even some apparently professional brands are currently being imported from factories in Shenzhen in the Guandong Province! 

High concentrations of HEMA enable low cost production and elongated wear time.

Why you don't want a nail product allergy!

Once affected there's no cure, worse, HEMA is a 'gateway' allergen, meaning that once you become allergic to this particular methacrylate you are much more likely to adopt a reaction to others over time, creating a snowball effect.

Eventually there will be no nail products you can wear, you may also develop reactions to certain glues and other products that contain acrylates. Of most concern is that HEMA is present in surgical adhesives used in operations and

dental treatments, something you might need one day!

Switch to Ikon.iQ Nails gel products at Care and Flair

Make your safety and wellbeing a certainty without sacrificing the things you love! Pretty nails shouldn't put your health at risk, and all manner of reliable nail services are possible without the nasties... Why not take a look at my full list of services here.

Hypoallergenic Ikon.iQ Nails at Care and Flair

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