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"Amazing! Alison is a perfectionist and I love my new nails. Thank you again."  Vicki on Fresha

Particularly useful for extensions, hard gels are ideal for hard working hands. They can be infilled as they grow out and are tougher than builder gels so perfect for those who find builders lift easily on them or those who plan to keep their extensions indefinitely.

Ikon.iQ Nails Hard gel.jpg


Overlay and shape with gel polish  40.00

Sculpted Extensions with gel polish 48.00


Infill & Rebalance with gel polish 33.00

Overdue Infills (older than three weeks) 38.00

Natural nail overlays can add even more strength to weak nails by having a small 'Apex' built into their shape, the apex height increases in proportion to nail length so on shorter nails they are very subtle. 
Extensions benefit greatly in terms of both strength and appearance by incorporating a 'C curve' into the tip length.
The depth of the curve depends on the style of the extension: less for square styles, more for tapered types.
Learn more about this here.

Find out more about overlays here,  extensions here and maintenance (infills) here.

Hypoallergenic hard gel nail overlays and extensions at Care and Flair in Staplehurst Kent

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