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  • A detailed description of products and tools for nail art

  • Overexposure to acrylates - keeping you and your client safe during application

  • The difference between gel polish and gel paints

  • The principles of colour mixing

  • Brush control for different effects

  • Step by step ombre four ways

  • Step by step marble two ways

  • Step by step animal prints

  • Step by step florals

  • Quick and easy salon viable designs

  • A selection of more complex designs specifically for you to practice perfect brush control

Nail Art Manual cover pic.jpg

No model required, just bring along your brushes and a whole bunch of pop sticks!

This certificated course has an accompanying manual containing detailed guides to show all the techniques employed to create quick nail art for your clients.

Request a training brochure or get in touch here!

Nail art training at Care and Flair in Staplehurst Kent

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